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Jan Saudek: The Straight Robert Mapplethorpe part deux

June 5, 2013

Jan Saudek - Sugar

Jan Saudek – Sugar

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, and because I love Jan Saudek this much, I’m posting twice this week in order to put more of his photographs up for viewing. For those of you whoJan Saudek - Agnes

Jan Saudek - woman in stockings who don’t know Saudek, let me give you a quick course that’ll at least make you fluent in cocktail party parlance. Saudek is a Czech photographer whose quasi-surreal, often erotic, and always drop-jaw stunning pictures have been making the rounds since the 1950s. Saudek himself is half Jewish and spent part of his youth in the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Maybe that’s where he discovered that the beautiful and the grotesque are inextricably linked – much like pleasure and pain. Saudek is able to elevate the monstrous, the bizarre, the kinky, the ludicrous into things of allure that delight the senses instead of making us cringe.
Sexuality is a big theme for Saudek and he depicts sex with an abandon that frankly, makes me blush. For Saudek, sex can be coy, worshipful, wanton, and depraved all at once. You walk away knowing only one thing – he likes it. A lot. And he makes you like it, too, and in ways you never thought possible.
You’ll have to do your own research if you want to see Saudek’s really raunchy work – I just don’t do that stuff on Cold. But here are some of his less graphic, more {shall we say} classical photos on his favorite subject. “Marie” is my favorite – and I have to say, I think it’s one of the sexiest photos ever taken. If I were a man, or a woman inclined towards other women, I would become lost in her eyes and make my way down from there.

Jan Saudek - Marie

Jan Saudek – Marie

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  1. Marilyn Minrath permalink

    Stunning photographs and always made more stunning by knowing something about the photographer……..forwarded to my photographer son who should be added to the blog recipients.

  2. Stunning and unusual pictures – having a part deux is well justified.

  3. Hey John, check out his website. You can see the full monty there – literally.

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