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Victoria Dougherty Bio

author photoVictoria Dougherty is the author of Breath, Savage Island, The Bone Church, Welcome to the Hotel Yalta, The Hungarian, and the forthcoming Of Sand and Bone. She writes fiction, drama, and essays that revolve around lovers, killers, curses, and destinies.

Her work has been published or profiled in the New York Times, USA Today, The International Herald Tribune, and elsewhere.

Earlier in her career, while living in Prague, she co-founded Black Box Theater, translating, producing, and acting in several Czech plays.

Her blog – COLD – features her short essays on faith, family, love, and writing fiction.

WordPress, the blogging platform that hosts some 70 million blogs worldwide, has singled out COLD as one of their top Recommended Blogs by writers or about writing.

Most recently, Victoria has launched the Cold podcast, which offers a deep dive on the creative life. Listen to Cold right here!

  1. chasingclicks permalink

    Your way of telling stories is more pleasing than watching TV . So glad i’ve found your blog.


    • Thanks, Gaz. I couldn’t ask for a more lovely compliment. I’m so happy to have found your photos as well. They’re exactly what I like – candid, soulful, basic.

  2. Merci pour le fait d’ajouter!!! d–0.o–b

  3. Hi, Victoria. Now we crossed are paths and you left me no choice. I’ll have to read not only your posts but your books too! Best to you and your loved ones!

  4. That’s a great portrait and I’m really looking forward to reading the book, which I’m ordering today. When do your thrillers come out?

    • Thanks, Dean! You’re the best. The Bone Church is a thriller and I’m in edits for number 2 right now. Hard to get stuff done with three kids, man.

  5. Shauneen Hutchinson permalink

    Hello Victoria, We are so lucky that we crossed paths with you and your fabulous family, especially the inimitable Charlotte whom we adore. If you have a little time, we would love for you and Charlotte to write what you love about Kiawah! Warm regards,

    Shauneen Hutchinson, Editor, Naturally Kiawah Magazine

    • Absolutely! We’ll get right on it. And the family Dougherty feels the same way about all of you! It was a huge blessing to have met you!

  6. devendravaasiver permalink

    It’s a little hard I’ve not a really good english but i’m enjoying this site, thanks

  7. Hey, sometimes-serious VIctoria! Thank you for reading one of my articles (potentially). I feel honoured to have an actual author read something of my stuff. In return, I have read and enjoyed “The Hotel Yalta”, with vivid pictures in my mind. A good read, I shall continue! Have a great weekend! Rarely-serious Simon

  8. Hi Victoria, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award since I love your posts so much 🙂 Visit : to honour it 🙂 Have a great day and keep blogging 🙂

  9. Hello Victoria! Just found your blog and decided to follow. Visit me if you’d like over at to return the favor. Have a good one!

  10. Hello! First of all, congratulations on the success of your first novel! As a fellow writer, I think that’s a wonderful victory!
    I’m contacting you because I’ve taken up a writing challenge, and a part of it is to contact 7 fellow writers. Here it is:
    The 777 Challenge – find the 7th page of your work-in-progress, find the 7th line and write the next 7 lines and publish them on a blog post. I encourage you to do it- and check out my blog post. If you do it, don’t forget to challenge 7 other bloggers!
    Have fun 🙂

    • Hi, Sally – thank you so much for thinking of me. I’m afraid I’m in over my head right now and don’t know if I’ll get the chance to do this. I”ll try. Work and family obligations are forcing me to prioritize in very strident way. Good luck and I wish you all the success in the world!

  11. rddocke permalink

    Your writing is very well done. There is a lot of your content that I find interesting. Keep the good work up, you have a strong talent.

  12. Cool Blog Ms. Dougherty

  13. Ah, the same old excellent stuff!!! 🙂 Keep boring us, will you???

  14. Hi Victoria,

    Would you be interested in creating a location-aware audio story for VoiceMap? We have a range of tours by journalists, authors, broadcasters, & are looking for voices. If you’d like more info send me an email,

    Kind Regards,


  15. I just recently ran into your blog. Title – cool! Posts – amazing! and Noir/Cold – new found genre for me.
    Loved the short “Iron Writer Challenge” tough and quirky!
    -Love your emails – fresh and keeps me coming back here. 😉

  16. Can’t wait to read this 🙂

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