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The New COLD Podcast is Here!

April 2, 2021

We interrrupt our regular programming for a special announcement! For those of you who are looking to continue reading my fairytale-in-progress, Romakaji, worry not! Romakaji will be back next week.

woman in blue dress wallpaper
I’m just chillin’. See you next week.

But this week, I want to announce the launch of my new PocketCast podcast titled (quite appropriately): COLD.

COLD is a short (about ten minutes long) audio program meant to put a smile on your face, give you something to think about, but not take up all of your day. It will include ruminations on fiction and the creative life, often expanding on some of the themes we talk about here. It’s available on Spotify, Apple, Google and will continue to become available on other platforms.

I would love for you to give the inaugural episode a listen. If you like what your hearing, please follow it and leave a starred review. I hate to be a broken record, but reviews mean so much to an author. Not only do they give us an idea of what we’re doing right (or NOT!), but they help kickstart the algorithms that make an artist’s work visible to the people most likely to enjoy and support our work. No small thing.

And if you have something to say about this first episode (or ideas for subsequent episodes), don’t hesitate to reach out! What did you like about it? Is there anything you wish I’d included? Is the purpose of the podcast clear? Is it something you’d like to continue listening to?

Listen to Cold’s inaugural pocket podcast right here!

And please, if you like what you’re hearing, spread the word! A recommendation from a friend and fan is the gift that keeps on giving…

  1. Kate permalink

    Hello Victoria, would you mind sharing where you found the cover photo for your Spotify channel?

    • Hi, Kate. A family friend, filmmaker John Michael Triana, took the photo. It’s of my daughter 🙂

      • Kate permalink

        It is stunning — I have been searching and searching to find a print! Amazing work.

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