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Trick or Treat!

October 26, 2020
My true self.

I’ve got some delicious word candy for you this week, my pretties not-so-easily frightened Cold readers, and I promise you, you’re not going to be able to get enough!

In the spirit of Halloween, the night we dress up as other people, creatures, even inanimate objects, we’re going to have a literary costume party of sorts.

To get things rolling, I thought I’d showcase the on-going story of a heroine who routinely dons a costume and goes undercover…for the good of her country, and for True Love, damn it! Her name is Tami Vaduva, and she’s about to shoot, karate chop, eat Moon Pies, and jiggle her way into your black little hearts.

This is an opportunity for y’all to try on a literary genre you may or may not be normally inclined to read, and that, in and of itself, is more thrilling than your average haunted house (except for mine, of course). I’m talking about a hilarious, sexy, and definitely NOT for the comic-faint-of-heart new series called “Shrimp & Grit.”

It’s been described as “A rollicking, raunchy, romantic romp across the contemporary South!” And is it ever! Or evah, as they say in Dixie.

Lucky for you, the whole trilogy is having a launch sale that get’s you all three books for under $5.00!

Trick or Treat!

Get the whole trilogy right here for a song (but only this week – October 26th thru October 31st)!

But if you hate passion, romance, action, and naughty, politically incorrect humor – for God’s sake, DON’T buy any of these books! Here’s what educated readers with any taste are saying:

“This was bonkers!”

“I couldn’t believe I could still BLUSH from a book!”

“Struck me as very odd.”


“I only pray this is satire.”


Look, I love comedy. The more unapologetic, the better. A little dirty? No problem! That’s why I love this brank-spanking-new series. It’s superbly written, tongue-in-cheek as hell, and just a delight. In short, it’s a wild party at a time when we’re not able to go to any parties. Might as well live vicariously!

On The Hunt

By V.J. Fitz-Howard

Tami Vaduva, the most decorated female soldier in U.S. Army history, is on a mission. Her commanding officer—a dashing U.S. Army colonel and certified “Southern Gentleman”— impregnates her on his last night of active duty, hours before a military helicopter whisks him out of an Afghan combat zone.

Determined to break a curse of single motherhood that has plagued the women of her family for centuries, Tami tracks the retired colonel to his estate in the genteel horse country surrounding Charlottesville, Virginia.

A master of military dark arts, she deploys covert operations, surveillance tactics, deception and PsyOps in her quest to “capture” the colonel—and the wedding ring for which she longs. But after four combat tours fighting jihadists and insurgents, she is about to confront her most ruthless enemy yet: old money southern snobs determined to prevent her from climbing over the gilded walls of their high-society citadel.

In this hopelessly romantic, often hilarious, and unapologetically bawdy first novel in the SHRIMP & GRIT series, Tami discovers if her lifelong search for true love is indeed, as one of her fortune-telling ancestors once told her, “in the cards.”

On the Hunt (Book!) is available on Amazon for .99 cents!

Shrimp & Grit: Book 2

By V.J. Fitz-Howard

In Book 2 of the Shrimp & Grit series, Tami Vaduva, the most highly-decorated female combat soldier in US Army history, has a new mission!

After she infiltrated Charlottesville high society and married the dashing colonel who fathered her child, Master Sargent Tami Vaduva reckoned she had retired from the U.S. Army. She also hoped she had broken the curse of single motherhood that had plagued the women of her family for generations, bless her heart.

But in Shrimp & Grit, our heroine, recently widowed and now a single mother, is called back to active duty. Her assignment: Rescue her 18-year-old step-daughter from the clutches of Charleston, South Carolina, socialites who turn to sex-trafficking to fund their extravagant lifestyles.

Accompanied by a tall, dark and handsome FBI agent, Tami is about to rain hellfire on her daughter’s captors. But will she finally find True Love and break that curse of single motherhood?

Shrimp & Grit is available on Amazon for $1.99 this week!

The Lost Cause (Book 3)

By V.J. Fitz-Howard

Tami’s Next Stop: PALM BEACH!

You’d think twice-widowed Tami Vaduva—now sitting on a $500 million fortune as a result of her two doomed marriages to very rich men—would be installed under a palm tree in the Caribbean sipping piña coladas.

But in The Lost Cause, Book 3 of the Shrimp & Grit series, she is called back into action yet again. Her mission: Infiltrate, and conquer, hermetically-sealed Palm Beach high society, where a mysterious Argentine expat known only as “El Obelisco” is conspiring to stage a coup d’état in his home country.

Will Tami successfully apply her unrivaled military and seductive powers to thwart El Obelisco’s plans? And will she finally break the curse of single-motherhood that has bedeviled the women in her bloodline for generations?

The Lost Cause (Book 3) is also available on Amazon for $1.99 this week only!

About the Author: V.J. Fitz-Howard is the author of the Shrimp & Grit series. These novels chronicle the adventures of Tami Vaduva, a West Virginia gal from a family of fortunetellers, who also happens to be the most highly-decorated female combat soldier in US Army history. She finds love and trouble – although not necessarily in that order – in the hermetically-sealed high societies of the comtemporary South. Reviewers have called Shrimp & Grit “Sexy” “Hilarious” and “Bonkers.”

V.J. denies Tami Vaduva is in any way based on real life persons living or dead. Except maybe Aunt Glodeen. She was a hell cat.

This is not V.J. or Aunt Glodeen. It’s just a festive, Halloween photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!

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