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That Post-Mother’s Day Glow

May 15, 2020


This Mother’s Day was probably the best one I’ve had in my life. We didn’t go out, and I didn’t even get any actual presents, but it was hands-down such a thoroughly enjoyable day that I’m still aglow from the whole experience.

You’d think I would have gotten some kind of fawning letter from my kids – one telling me how I’ve inspired and nurtured better than any other mother in the whole universe! And I did it looking hotter and at least ten years younger than even the Hollywood matriarchs who make us lose our minds over their poise and seemingly effortless childrearing. The Angelina Jolies, Victoria Beckhams, and Kim Kardashians.

Or that my not-so-little-anymore babes practiced a song, a poem, or other creative homage for weeks and performed it in our living room. Not a dry eye in the house.


All we did was sit down and watch videos taken on an “old fashioned” Sony camcorder. They were of our children when they were mostly infants and toddlers and rough and tumble kiddos. I think the iPhone came along when our oldest was about five, and as we’re not exactly early adopters, we didn’t really put away our Sony until a full five more years after that. In short, we had a lot of videos to go through.

And I have to tell you that it was the most bonding family activity we’ve ever undertaken. More than going to the amusement park, or to the beach, or on a road trip. It was a full-on totally absorbing experience that each of us committed to with an equal amount of enthusiasm and engagement. Not one of us wanted to tear away – not even our oldest, who at eighteen, looks for any excuse to get out of the house and taste freedom.

We sat close together on our couch, huddled around the little machine, watching a screen that was hardly bigger than a watch face. We giggled and marveled at how each of their personalities had already emerged so early on. We recognized facial expressions that were still common, patterns of speech and thought, dispositions.

Our youngest, Josephine, always fluttering about like a little fairy. Spry, imaginitive, content in her own company. While the other two fight, make up skits, play games, she can be seen dancing in the background despite a notable absence of music. Or walking naked and unaware, a scoop of ice cream in her hand and a pair of felt antlers on her head.


Our middle child, Charlotte, eager for gold stars, for laughs, for love, for the spotlight. “Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!” She sang at age 3, as she jumped up and down like she was riding a pogo-stick. But later, ever so tenderly, she was seen caring for her younger sister – checking her diaper for poopy, and advising the grown-ups as to how to best comfort the baby when she was fussy.


Then, there’s our oldest, and oldest soul. Eamon’s innate sweetness and sense of adventure were on display in every family scene. As he dug for pirate treasure on the beaches of the Carolinas, built a fort that was so good it was taken over by a bear, said “I love you” with complete abandon.


Eamon will be leaving our house this coming fall and I can’t get enough of him. He, of course, has had plenty of me ;).

As we were watching the last video on Sunday evening, just before Eamon and his sisters were going to start making burgers for our Mother’s Day dinner, he said to me, “This is the last Mother’s Day where we’ll all still be living under the same roof.”

I didn’t want to get teary-eyed, but I did. Not right then – I didn’t want to wreck things. It was later, when I lay in bed, staring out into the dark and saying my prayers.


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  1. Jackie permalink

    You will never forget this year’s Mother’s Day. Beautiful family

  2. Beautiful story Victoria. Thanks

  3. Thank you, John.

  4. Fantastic Family! A ‘Classic Mother’s Day’, Vic. Always, my very best…

  5. Hope y’all had a happy and fine Mother’s Day, too, BR!

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