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Get Marooned on Savage Island!

October 11, 2019

Savage Island proposalIt’s launch week for Savage Island, the teaser novel for my epic, new fantasy romance series, Breath (coming soon, folks). I’ll bet a pint of my blood you’re going to love it (it is Halloween season, after all).

I want to give all of you Cold followers the heads up on Savage Island’s debut price of $2.99 (ebook) and $11.99 (trade paperback). This price will only be offered until Sunday! After that, it’s all going up to the regular retail price, so do get your discounted download or copy before time runs out.

And just to sweeten the pot, I’ve got a Savage Island Swag Contest for you! Here’s the skinny: Email me with the first sentence in Chapter 9 of Savage Island and I’ll throw your name in a hat (and yes, I do use an actual hat) for a drawing that could win for you some awesome book swag! Things such as this COLD mug:

Well, that was a much bigger picture than I anticipated 🙂

You’ll also recieve signed trade paperback copies of all of my fiction, and a couple of other fun surprises! So do make sure to get your copy or download of Savage Island if you haven’t already – and get your name thrown in that hat!

Click here and get marooned on Savage Island for a while!

Some people fall in love. Others fall through time.

The island of Niue, 1944.  On this remote island, deep in the South Pacific, about 1,500 miles from its closest neighbor, it hardly feels like a war is on.  Angelie, a 17-year-old Australian girl, is waiting out the war on the island, where warm tropical winds blow through her hair almost as gently as native islander Will Tongahai’s eyes graze her body.

But the arrival of an African archaeologist and his German consort unsettle the inhabitants of this tranquil isle, and Angelie begins to wonder if the war hasn’t finally reached their shores.

As Angelie and Will are drawn to the suspicious pursuits of the new visitors – an ancient statue, a fantastic myth – a series of vivid dreams about deserts and long forgotten prophecies ensnares them. The lovers discover that their destiny, one forged thousands of years earlier, is not only bigger than their prospective future together, but makes a mere world war look like child’s play.


  1. Reblogged this on T. W. Dittmer and commented:
    This romantic, historical-fantasy novel by talented author Victoria Dougherty is bound to be good.

  2. Congrats Victoria!

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