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Bringing Magic Back Into the World One Post at a Time

June 9, 2017

magic 3

This post is about two things that, aside from my family, mean the most to me: creating stories that change people’s lives and giving back.

Most of us writers strive to be better on paper than we actually are, often in hopes of becoming more of that person who lurks within us, and is a very large part of us, but lives in sweet perfection only on the page. Writers are like preachers that way. And if you’ve been reading this blog, or following my work in any way, you’ve probably already learned three things about me:

First, that mass production is not what I’m about. I don’t churn out new books every full moon in hopes of a quick buck. Anything I write takes time, research, and a great deal of thought and craft.

Second, that my work is all about meaning. I aim to entertain and delight, make you sigh, put some beads of sweat on your brow – but underneath the lovers, killers and curses, lies a sense of destiny. And the conversation that simmers underneath my prose is about passion, grief, true love, honor, art and faith.

Third, that I will never, ever, ever offer you less.

That’s why I’ve started a mission with Patreon.

Patreon is an amazing and empowering platform that makes it possible for artists and their enthusiasts to not only engage, but even work together towards a common goal.

And my aim on Patreon is simple: I want to bring magic back into the world – one post at a time!

What does that mean? I want to partner with readers not only to create the most original, comprehensive and knock-your-socks-off story experience a writer has to offer, but I want to share with you the gratification of giving. By supporting an artist whose work you want to be a part of, and in doing so, helping organizations like Camp Holiday Trails, which has provided more than 10,000 kids with special needs the opportunity to have a safe and positive summer camp experience.

As little as a $1 pledge will give you access to original essays, works-in-progress, photographs, art work, videos and more. One third of the proceeds from each goal achieved will go towards supporting worthy organizations like Camp Holiday Trails.

So, join me! Spread the word! Be an evangelist for meaning and love! Share the link. Tell your friends, colleagues, children, grandchildren, lawnmower mechanic, your kid’s teacher, the cop who stops you for speeding, the salesgirl who needs a lift in her day, that guy with quirky smile you’ve been trying to get up the nerve to talk to.


Above all, thank you,


magic 2

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