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Happy Birthday, Cold! Now Let’s Party and Unwrap Some Presents!

August 9, 2016

birthday Marilyn

When I started this strange little blog four years ago, several knowledgeable people – journalists, my agent, successful bloggers – warned me that long form blogs were doomed for failure. I should keep my posts under 300 words or else risk exhausting the reader. People don’t have time for anything more, they said. The days of a real conversation were over.

And I really did try to follow their advice. But the truth is, I’m just not a love em and leave em kind of writer. So here I am, many thousands of followers later, with most of my posts averaging 1200 words. I think I’ve proved that bit of wisdom wrong, but who knows? Maybe if I’d stuck to the good advice of professionals, I’d have a readership numbering in the six figures? Hard to say. But I do know that if I had taken their advice to heart, I wouldn’t have developed the level of intimacy with you, Cold readers, that I feel took root early on this simple WordPress page. And it has grown into something I never expected.

Cold is a very special place for me. It’s a sanctuary where I share heartfelt thoughts about the things that most touch my soul. I take very real personal risks here, laying bare what are for me the fundamental truths about love and family and loss. Delving into things as private as passion and faith. As particular as art and music and its effect on my relationships, and the way I tell a story.

I muse about the writers life – how comically tragic it is for a grown woman – a wife and mother for the love of God – to spend her days in a little, red room filled with weird memorabilia, staring at a screen and obsessing about what imaginary people might say or do under fantasy circumstances.

And without really setting out to do so, I launched a forum here that more than anything is about friendship. Close friendship. Nearly every post I’ve published is the kind of in-depth conversation that I would have with a true friend. And so many of you continue to reward me with your profound and unfiltered comments and stories. Even your secrets. I know that’s not necessarily an easy thing to do – essentially opening a vein in a public space, letting your guard down just to connect with another human being.

So today, I want to reward you with sort of a reverse birthday present.

COLD is a collection of essays, most of which have appeared on this blog. Several have been expanded upon, thanks to your thoughtful responses. Your feedback stretches the reach of my imagination, making me a better thinker and writer. I owe you a lot for that, which is why I want to offer Cold readers a free digital copy of COLD: Essays on Love, Faith, Family and Other Dangerous Pursuits. Designed by Chris Bell at Atthis Arts, with original photographs by filmmaker John Michael Triana, the collection is more than just an anthology. It is, I hope, an experience that combines the written and the aesthetic. Is something you can hold close, reflect upon, and share with friends.

Just click on the link below, enter your email address, and you will be taken through an easy, step by step process for downloading your free copy. Kind of like unwrapping a birthday present, but without the mess of silly, loud paper and festive ribbons.

And if COLD has meant something to you, I ask that you please take the time to leave a review on Amazon ( and Goodreads (, or whatever is your prefered platform. It doesn’t have to be a long review, just honest. A couple of sentences will do. And feel free to mention that you’re a Cold blog reader, who received the book as a gift from Yours Truly.

Above all, thanks.

And here’s your link:

Cold 2

  1. Happy blog birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Cold. You are the bees knees ❤
    Here's to many happy returns!

  3. Thanks, Christoph!

  4. Sean P Carlin permalink

    I take a similar approach to blogging, Victoria: Despite conventional wisdom, I prefer writing long-form essays (on storytelling, culture, or whatever happens to be on my mind at a given time), many of which serve as inadvertent incubators for ideas I wind up developing later. One of the reasons I prefer your blog to others that publish more frequently is that I know I’m going to get a thoughtful, substantive essay versus some 300-word musing on something altogether trivial. I’m glad you’ve been able to repackage some of your wonderful posts as a collection of essays!

  5. Alta J. Cannaday permalink

    I was unable to load my ebook. Please advise. Love your musing and send my regards to John, my former coworker at WAVE.

    Thanks, Alta Cannaday

  6. Thanks, Sean! We’ve got to keep real conversations alive, right?

    • Sean P Carlin permalink

      And keep them meaningful, which is why I am such a fan of yours.

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