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This Is Not Normal

September 17, 2013

tapsIn light of yesterdays shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, I’ve pulled my post this week and will run it at another time.

I’m just heartsick over the fact that these shootings are starting to feel commonplace.

As I write this, twelve families are grieving. Please let’s take a moment to really put ourselves in their shoes and not allow these horrific events to wear the mask of normalcy.


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  1. I was fortunate enough to get the e-mail with your post on FAITH before you pulled it in respect and honor to yesterdays insanity in D.C. It helped me, a lot to remember that at the end of the day, there is far more good than bad. Thanks Victoria, and you are right these shootings should not be accepted as normal.

  2. Thanks, Catalina. There for the Grace of God…

  3. I remember an old relative who used to say “Thank God I am an atheist.” well in Spanish you know…”Gracias a Dios que soy ateo.”

  4. I’ve never heard that and it’s terrific. I’ll never forget it now 🙂

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