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Luna Sanguis Extraordinaire!

July 28, 2013

paris nudeCold is going hot this week.


My dear friend Simon Okill has a brand new book out and I feel compelled to bring it to your attention. While it is not a thriller, it will thrill you nonetheless with its sumptuousness and eroticism.

Set in the artistic and intellectual soup that was Paris in the 20s – Picasso, Max von Schreck, Coco Chanel; the story also dips and weaves with history – Elizabeth Tudor, the Emperor Nero – as it blurs the lines between Gothic nightmare and great party.

Have I mentioned this is a vampire novel?

The story begins with a horrific murder and subsequent chase through the countryside on the outskirts of Paris. A young woman, known as Eternal to herself and Delicate Rose to her tormentor and former lover, is found traumatized and suffering from amnesia by a passing farmer. Hoping to help her, the farmer drops her off at a progressive Parisian psychiatric hospital where the very latest therapies are being given a go.Luna

But not everything is as it seems. Eternal cannot discern between reality, fantasy and memory. She suffers great longing for the love of her life, but is at a loss as to whom that love might be. To her revulsion, she also suffers from a debilitating hunger for something other than food. And no, despite the erotic elements in this story, I’m not talking about sex. It would appear Eternal is also, like her tormentor, a vampire.

What struck me most about Luna Sanguis was its celebration of beauty. Even during the most graphic and violent scenes, an appreciation for the soft line of an exquisite profile, the lament of a woman’s sob, the color of fresh blood, held the story together. This is vampire legend in the vein of Anne Rice, not Twilight, and as an adult reader, I was delighted. In short, Luna Sanguis has class.

Simon lives with his wife, Shirlee Anne and their cat, in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. They both love Stephen King and had read many of his books and enjoyed their transition to the screen. Due to their love of books they dabbled in writing for some years as a hobby. They were approached by a film company to write a paranormal TV series. They struggled most nights and all through weekends to come up with 22 episodes only for the company to go bust. After an accident at work Mr. Okill was forced to retire due to a disability
Battling with depression, his newfound skills of writing became his sword and their scripts templates for novels. His writing became more serious as certain A-list actors expressed interest in his scripts and his debut novel Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Like a Bigfoot Babe was accepted by Christopher Matthews Publishing after so many British publishers turned it down.
His new novel Luna Sanguis is due to be released July 15th and the sequel to Nobody Loves a Bigfoot Likea Bigfoot Babe is being penned as you read this.

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  1. John Dolan permalink

    A great review for a great book 🙂

  2. Thank you, my friend.

  3. Class. That’s quite the compliment, coming from you, Victoria.

  4. wewerenothing permalink

    That is a nice black and white nude you have there! Lovely.

  5. thedarkphantom permalink

    Thanks for the recommendation, Victoria. I had told myself ‘No more vampire books!’ but if you compare him with Anne Rice…:-)

  6. Thanks, Mayra – he’s a great guy.

  7. Excellent review Victoria. I’m going to pass this on to my writing partner and daughter, as she is an avid reader and fan of the great Anne Rice and I’m sure will be chomping at the bits to grab her copy of Luna Sanguis. Fascinating post and we look forward to reading the book as well as getting to know Mr. Okill.

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