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A.B. Bourne is Dead Cold

April 29, 2013

annieAnnie (A.B.) Bourne writes heart-stopping thrillers.  The kind that leave a lump in your throat and get your heart EDWIN_HOFF_250racing.  The kind that present readers with real characters and not caricatures.  As a writer, she’s like Daniel Silva in a dress.  As a person, she makes one h*ll of an impression.  Annie’s tough – very.  And she’s lovely – very.  Like a heroine in one of her novels.  You kind of wonder – if like one of her characters – she isn’t actually in deep cover awaiting activation and instruction from someone with no name.

So it kind of comes as a shock – or at least a something of a surprise – to discover that Annie is the gushing mother of two young kids who bears a striking resemblance to the Homecoming Queen.  But then you dig deeper, and it all starts to make sense.

A lawyer by training, Annie sought the excitement of the tech revolution and got it.  Her work at Akamai took her to its heights – a multi-billion dollar IPO and the chance to make history – and it’s lows – her boss, Akamai founder Danny Lewin, perished on AA Flight 11 on September 11.

It was later determined by authorities that Danny Lewin, a former Counter Terror Captain in Israel who had trained to rescue hostages had indeed been a hero that day.  He had fought to defend the stewardesses and cockpit from the hijackers before the plane hit the World Trade Center.

Danny was the inspiration for Edwin Hoff, Annie’s incredible hero in her debut thriller – The First Secret of Edwin Hoff.  It’s a book I couldn’t put down and urge Cold readers to pick up.

But first things first.  Annie’s “Dead to Me in Paris,” is being featured on Dead Cold tomorrow and will blow you away.  Please join us.


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  1. Thanks for having me Victoria! I’ve so enjoyed the stories from other authors and I’m delighted to be with you all!

  2. thedarkphantom permalink

    Sounds like a great read!

    • Thanks! If you have a moment, please let me know what you think after you read it.

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