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Cheers to Argo and Renata, Wherever You Are

February 25, 2013

Cheers to Argo and Renata, wherever you are

Apart from the news reports, which were sensational but fairly vague at the time of the hostage crisis, the first time I heard the “Argo” story in detail was from a Canadian diplomat when I was living in Prague in the early 1990s. Her name was Renata and she had Polish parents, so we had a lot in common and a lot of laughs together. She tolerated my youthful antics, and I learned from her grace and generous spirit. I wish we hadn’t lost touch.
Renata was a close friend of the Canadian Ambassador in Tehran at the time the “Argo” story took place. Her telling of those events as they unfolded was so compelling, I was breathless. I recall saying to her, “This would make an amazing movie!” We talked about Kenneth Brannagh taking the lead role.
But as much as I love the movies, that’s not why I’m writing this post. “Argo” was really good and and it deserves kudos, but the diplomats who risked their lives were great in the way human beings can be from time to time.
So, to all the other diplomats involved – thank you. You’re owed more than a movie. And to Renata – if this finds you – get in touch.

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  1. To reiterate what your friend Renata said, here is an quotation from the king pin himself, Ken Taylor as reported earlier in 2012:
    “…Taylor himself said that the film was “fun, it’s thrilling, it’s pertinent, it’s timely,” but notes that “Canada was not merely standing around watching events take place. The CIA was a junior partner….” (Coyle, Jim (October 7, 2012). “‘Argo’: Former ambassador Ken Taylor sets the record straight”. The Toronto Star).

    I remember hearing the story on the news waaaaay back. I can hardly wait to see the movie!

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