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René Maltête – embrassez-moi!

February 11, 2013

René Maltête - embrassez-moi!

I want to devote this week to photographer René Maltête, whose whimsy, irony, comedy, tragedy and celebration of the patently absurd makes him about as close to a Slav as you can get while still remaining French.

He turns the expected onto its head, makes us laugh at ourselves, think for ourselves, and even recognize ourselves with an emphatic, “But, of course!”

I’m starting with what is possibly my favorite of his photographs, the barfing gargoyle (my title, not his). So take a moment this week to giggle, smile, sigh, and shake your head with each of the photos I’ll be posting. Come on – you know it’s worth the procrastination. It might even spark an idea.


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  1. “The Barfing Gargoyle” 🙂

  2. Isn’t that the best? Coming tomorrow…The Seven Deadly Sins 🙂

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